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The artist has been working with the theme of dance since 1987 in collaboration with Jilba Wallace. After a trip to India in that year she based her work around the Hindu God Shiva, Lord of the Universal Dance. Shiva's symbolism is important to her work because it is concerned with the cyclic laws of change. She sees movement as synonymous with change and that when something remains static it dies. By working with Jilba she became part of the action of the dance. Their conversations together about personal imagery became the stimulus for their work together. She started working on a large scale, on the ground, using sumi brush and black paint as Jilba moved on the paper.




She translated her movements into marks, sometimes leading, sometimes being lead. The music reflected the movement and the mood, and the line became the passage through time and space. The ground drawing in the sculpture yard represents the LABYRINTH. It is her interpretation of the dancer's movement.

In the three dimensional work she attempted to link the mobiles to the ground drawing, using the medium of wire to define space and yet retain the spontaneity of movements.

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