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Born in the UK, I studied art in London and Vienna and hold an Honours degree in Fine Art and a Master of Creative Arts Degree from James Cook University (Australia).

Living for eleven years in Cyprus and much time prior to that in the Eastern Mediterranean, the ancient history, symbolism and mythology of the area have greatly influenced my practice.

Issues of conservation, the environment and endangered species have been the focus of my most recent installation work.

The ancient history and mythology of the Eastern Mediterranean and in particular the Neolithic period of early agricultural societies has provided inspiration for my creative practice.

The primordial deity of these Neolithic ancestors was female reflecting the sanctity of regeneration and motherhood and this matriarchal tradition continued culminating in the flowering of the Minoan Civilization of Crete in the Bronze Age.

The emphasis of these cultures encouraged artistic creation and trade and a freedom which made life meaningful and enjoyable for all its citizens and exhibits a balance of power between the sexes.

In the current political climate, the Fertile Crescent that first cradled early civilization seems to be descending into chaos and climate change and the water crisis could challenge our existence. The irony causes me to re assess these ancestral roots and reanimate these powerful symbols of life sustaining, rainmaking totems, rich in human, bird and animal imagery.

I like to interpret ancient symbols in a contemporary way and ceramics form a nucleus of my installation work. I use a dichotomy of materials, combining ephemeral silk paintings and clay sculptures, the stuff on earth, to create an ambience and meaningful space in installation mode.

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