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Sacred Scarab

In 2003 the artist made a research trip to Egypt to experience and study Egyptian art and antiquities. As an installation artist she is concerned with the dynamics of space.

Her cultural background stems from the Greek world of Humanism and Golden Section and was aware that the sheer scale of the Egyptian monuments had to be experienced in order to appreciate their achievements. Ancient History and tracing the origins of civilization has always been her passion and a source of inspiration as a visual artist.

Egypt is a land of vivid contrasts in the fertile land that flanks the Nile Delta and the barren desert that surrounds it. These contrasts are emphasized in her installation.

The use of animal totems of composite beasts in her installation and the Egyptian Pantheon offers a wealth of symbols to interpret, these symbols being also a universal aspect of mythology and still relevant today. She used black to signify the silt and fecund power of nature.

The Sacred Scarab beetle was of particular interest to her and is the nucleus of the installation, represented in a river of scarab beetles made from clay in varying shades of blue.

The making of these beetles, the contemplative repetitive action, she saw as meaningful to the spirit of the project, as she marveled at the Ancient Egyptian's achievements.

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