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The Ochre Trail

The bush of the Gympie area has been a constant source of inspiration to the artist. The idea for 'The Ochre Trail' comes from a seam of ochre rocks that run through Anderleigh, north of Gympie.

The rocks were formed by deposits of manganese, felspar and hydrated iron oxide under the intense heat and pressure of a volcanic implosion.

The gasses produced by these conditions formed the soft pockets of many coloured ochres within the rocks.

The installation is a multi media assemblage, part of which is made from recycled materials. It draws from the indigenous stories about ochre in the imagery, taking fragmented parts of the flora and fauna of the bush.

The artists' intention was to create a 3D topographical map of the area which represents the microcosm. The totems which formed part of the installation were treated in a symbolic way and as reference points within the time frame of the installation and man's mark on the topographical landscape.

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